What is Song of Crow?

Stories, yarns, tales – these are what we spin as we live out who (and why) we are, during our extra-ordinary sojourn on planet Earth. Within this story, Song of Crow, there are no rules. No limits. No boundaries. No conventions. Definitely no points for good behaviour. Rambunctious, tumultuous, rowdy, raucous, humorous, painful, precarious, spontaneous.... Continue Reading →


Saving the Elephants

While sitting recently in dentist’s and doctor’s waiting rooms, I have idly flipped through a couple of the glossy magazines that form an obligatory part of the ritual. This is what I saw. ‘Doutzen Kroes leads our campaign to save the elephants.’ I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Just because she is a... Continue Reading →

Trees and Dark

What grows upwards also grows downwards, indeed must grow downwards in order that it may function effectively in the light. I have lately been reading The Miracle of Trees volume in the Wooden Books range (highly recommended if you haven’t come across them already), and the sheer intricate wonder of trees has struck me in... Continue Reading →


The next Festival of the Dark event is: T.S. Eliot's THE FOUR QUARTETS With Ashley Ramsden and Flora Pethybridge South Street Arts Centre, Reading Wednesday 21 June 2017, 7:45pm ‘A beautiful and revelatory telling of Eliot’s masterpiece’ One of the great poems of the English language, brilliantly interpreted and delivered by two of the UK’s... Continue Reading →

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